Jan 9 2015

The First Woman ‘Beats’ Fantasy Bubble Quest

by SwaggyMJ

Now that Fantasy Bubble Quest has thousands of users, someone was bound to have already ground through the game – which is meant to take some time and, ideally, some Coin Packs

Well, in a record 6 days since launch someone has done it – and WITHOUT any Coin Packs

This person, we’ll just call her ‘Elizabeth’ (yes, that IS her real name), used her smarts to exploit some easy levels with high Gold Coin payouts, played often through the night, and even played during some other times she probably should have been doing something else (don’t want to get her in trouble – but use your imagination) -all in order to save up enough Gold Coins to purchase Keys and unlock all the levels in the game

She then proceeded to earn 3 stars on EVERY level which is, well, quite a feat (anyone who has played the game a lot knows this)

As a result, in an upcoming update to the game we will be immportalizing the first woman to beat the game with the Elizabeth Achievement, which will be earned when all Characters have been unlocked, all levels have been beaten with 3 stars, and all other Achievements have been earned

Congrats Elizabeth!

Jan 5 2015

Fantasy Bubble Quest is Live!

by SwaggyMJ

Download FREE now on iOS and Android

We are ridiculously excited to finally present our first game Fantasy Bubble Quest for the new year!! Please check it out and share with your friends :)

Dec 22 2014

LuddenMedia Is Live!

by SwaggyMJ

I’m happy to say that today, December 22nd, LuddenMediacom is live! This is where information and updates about our games will live, starting now! Please check back often for updated info and right here!

Dec 10 2014

Hello World!

by SwaggyMJ

We’re happy to be bringing you this updated site, and soon our first Feature game Fantasy Bubble Quest! Stay tuned and check our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates:


Dec 2 2014


by SwaggyMJ

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